If you are on a low income or benefit, Work and Income (WINZ) may be able to help pay
towards the cost of dental treatment, especially if it’s urgent. Riverside Dental Warkworth is
registered with work and Income, and our experienced dentists are happy to provide you with
a quote, free of cost to take to WINZ office. Work and Income generally pay up to $300
towards urgent dental treatment, which is non-recoverable and may be able to pay more
depending on your situation.

These are the steps to follow if you want to apply for WINZ dental benefits:

Step 1: Our dentists will fill in “Emergency Dental information form” with treatment
quotation on it.

Step 2: You May apply for the benefit online through myMSD portal where you will be
asked to upload the form that you received from us. If you cannot apply online there will be
an option for you to book an appointment to go to WINZ office and meet a representative of
the MSD. 

Step 3: Once your claim is processed, WINZ will give you a payment card with money
loaded onto it to use for our services at Riverside Dental Warkworth.

You have 3 working days to pay the dentist before it expires.

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